3 Ways to Prime Your Body for a More Rejuvenating Sleep

Falling asleep can be tough — whether you’re an organized Virgo who hits the pillow by 10 pm, or an energized Sagittarius who would rather be doing just about anything other than sleeping.

Everyone’s sleep needs are different, so there’s no one secret to better sleep. But there are practices we can all use to prime our bodies for a more rejuvenating rest. Try these three primers for a good night’s sleep.

Avoid Screens Before Bed

If you’re reading this article on your phone at 2 am, this one’s for you: cut it out! Screen time before bed can make it harder for you to fall asleep, and, even worse, it can reduce the quality of your sleep once you finally do get to dreamland.

Try to catch up on your Insta feeds earlier in the night and opt for a bedside book if you need something to do right before bed.

Wash Your Face (And Moisturize!)

While it may not affect your sleep directly, sleeping in makeup or the grime of the day just generally makes you feel crummy, and it’s really bad for your skin.

Even if you don’t wear makeup, washing the day’s gunk off your face is a serious game changer for setting the pace of your evening. Once you get in the habit of taking care of your skin every night, you won’t be able to go to sleep without doing it. It’s addicting, and most importantly, it just feels good.

Use Essential Oils

If you haven’t yet discovered the magic of essential oils, now’s the time. Whether it’s a roll on, a bedtime spray, or a diffuser, sleepytime essential oils can really help your body to relax and calm down.

They help you fall asleep faster and more deeply, and they make your room smell like Gwyneth Paltrow’s hair (we’re assuming).

Here’s a tip: when going shopping for essential oils, bring a coffee bean (or a few). Smelling coffee beans is like the olfactory version of a palate cleanser, and it’ll keep you from sensory overload.

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