It’s Aries Season – A Time to Move Forward However We Can

We’ve emerged from the deep, mystical ocean of Pisces to lay out in the Aries sunshine.

Spring has sprung and with Mercury Retrograde now behind us, we’re moving full speed ahead into 2020.

And what a year it’s turning out to be.

Powerful New Beginnings

We leave behind Jupiter-ruled Pisces season, filled with dreamy nostalgia and memories of the past.

Mercury Retrograde may have even delivered people from your past, reuniting you with storylines that were left unfinished.

Now we’re immersed in Mars-ruled Aries, a cardinal fire sign symbolizing powerful new beginnings, forward momentum, and instinctive action.

Aries Season comes in like a charging ram, with pent up energy barreling forth into spring. The fiery nature of Aries season is immediately felt, like a match struck in the middle of a dark room.

The spark that match creates is the catalyst to the burst of energy that comes with the Spring Equinox. Flowers begin to bloom and animals come out of hiding in the northern hemisphere, while the process of decay and decline begin in the south.

Aries season marks a moment of change that is irreversible. We must move forward.

Find Ways to Make Progress

The Sun in particular is exalted in the sign of Aries, making it an excellent time for solar activities such as allowing yourself to be seen and witnessed by others (if only virtually).

If you have something to share with the world, do so unapologetically!

The first 10 days of Aries season this year has Mars in Capricorn, which is also exalted. An exalted Mars ruling an exalted Sun is an excellent combination for getting things done, so be sure to take advantage!

Whether it’s reviving your workout routine or embodying the inherent bravery that comes with Aries energy, you’re sure to find simple ways to make progress in certain areas of your life… no matter what challenges the world is throwing at you.

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Shakirah Tabourn is an astrologer, writer, creator, and organizer. She has written horoscopes for Girlboss and has been featured in Bustle, Bushwick Daily, and VICE UK. Her NFLUX Mag celebrates POC & Queer folks in spirituality, art, and activism. Sun: SCORPIO Moon: ARIES Ascendant: PISCES

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