Moody Skies: How to Prepare for Astrological Events That Can Affect Your Mood

Our moods can be a lot like the weather: some days will be stormy, while others will be nice and calm.

And just like the weather, when it comes to our moods, there are forces outside of our control that influence what kind of day we’re going to have.

This is where we can look at astrological events to predict what kind of support, self-care, or creative outlets we may need — think of it like checking the weather before a trip to figure out what to pack.

Some of the cosmic events that may affect your astrological mood include eclipses, New or Full Moons, retrogrades, Saturn returns, and planetary aspects (how aligned or misaligned planets are based on your Sun sign).

Here’s a look at how to deal with three major astrological events that take place regularly.

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipses happen about twice a year when the Earth’s shadow overtakes the Moon. These are times when unconscious habits come to the surface, making them a great opportunity to effect change in your life.

Eclipses can be emotionally challenging because they force you to face who you are and who you want to be: they are a time for both working through conflicts inherent in human existence and beginning again with an emotional blank slate.

This is the time to clean your room, acknowledge and let go of your toxic behaviors and attitudes, and set emotional goals.

Full Moon

A Full Moon can be overwhelming; it’s a time for full emotions.

The Full Moon intensifies all of your qualities, both good and bad. Expect heightened passion, creativity, and enthusiasm, along with obsession or stubbornness.

The effect the Full Moon will have on you depends on your sign, but it’s a good idea to use the Full Moon to break old patterns and try something new.

Think about the strongest qualities of your sign and try to play to those since they will intensify as the Moon gets brighter and fuller.

Mercury Retrograde

Many people fear Mercury’s retrograde period because they believe it brings bad luck. Mercury is the planet of communication, and the optical illusion that is retrograde tends to put a damper on even the most communicative sign’s skills.

But instead of fearing the retrograde, work with it by investing extra time into communication and expression, ultimately strengthening your relationships.

Planning for Your Astrological Mood Forecast

There are thousands of other planetary events to consider that could affect each of the signs differently — from sextiles to the legendary grand trine.

Ora simplifies the process of figuring out what each ever-changing planetary alignment means with your personalized mood ring. It identifies what your mood and your friend’s moods will most likely be on a given day based on the stars and planets.

That way, you can plan travel on days when your ring is in green (calm), schedule workouts on days that are yellow (energetic), give yourself creative time when you’re feeling purple (inspired), or plan extra self care on days when you’re blue (sad), red (frustrated), or orange (anxious).

When we look at patterns and signs and predict that change is coming, it’s a good idea to make sure our plans match the astrological weather forecast. Because planning for inclement weather or unexpected mood swings can make any situation enjoyable. (Dancing in the rain, anyone?!)

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