Team Ora
Everything you need to know about natal charts
You meet someone new. After introductions, they pause and ask when and where you were born. They start rambling about your “moon” and your “rising,” and maybe even your “Venus” if they’re playing matchmaker—and it feels like they’re speaking another language. But before you can ask if they’re talking about astrology, they’re urging you to...
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Zodiac signs with Ora
The zodiac wheel looks like a big clock divided into 12 sections that represent each sign. Each section is about a month long, marking the Earth’s annual orbit around the Sun. The wheel starts at 21:00/9:00pm on the left side starting with Aries, and is read in counterclockwise fashion, ending in Pisces. Each sign comes...
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Everyday Wellness
The long days of winter can be a drain on your energy. Especially if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut: work, Netflix, sleep, repeat — day in and day out. Routines can be comfortable, but sometimes you just have to break free High School Musical style. Here are some tips for finding freedom...
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Crystals for horoscopes and Zodiac reading, quartz, readings
It happened seemingly overnight: your aunt enthusiastically praised the power of crystal healing, your friends started showing off their meditation stones on social media, and even the ambivalent skeptic in your extended family now has an amethyst caged around their neck. Anticipated or not, crystals have resurged into the mainstream spotlight. The History of Healing...
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Crystal being used for self care
On a spiritual level, people use crystals to clean and balance different types of energies and how they interact with each facet of our lives. They focus on these energy wheels (or chakras in Sanskrit) in our own bodies and use crystals to facilitate awareness and consciousness in areas needing attention. To understand the basics...
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