Learnings about astrology and self-care

Spring Equinox
It’s finally the first day of spring. No matter what’s happening in the world, we can always count on the Spring Equinox every year to bring us up and out of the depths of winter, and into the renewal of spring.  At this time of year, we experience a day that is balanced in terms...
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Pisces Season
The glum of Capricorn and Aquarius seasons is starting to wane as we approach a more mystical time of the year.  Pisces season gives us a reprieve from the harsh, stark realities that bombarded us in January and February. We’re moving out of two Saturn-ruled signs (Capricorn and Aquarius), which have kept us awake and...
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How to Prepare for Astrological Events that Can Affect your Mood
Our moods can be a lot like the weather: some days will be stormy, while others will be nice and calm. And just like the weather, when it comes to our moods, there are forces outside of our control that influence what kind of day we’re going to have. This is where we can look...
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Year of the Rat Chinese Zodiac
In the Chinese zodiac, the year you were born determines your overall birth sign horoscope, which, like your sun sign, can be used as a general reference or starting point. Similar to Western astrology, the Chinese zodiac is widely misunderstood. Just as your Western sign would be incomplete if taken without your Rising and Moon...
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Self-care tips from the stars
We all need to show ourselves a little love and compassion sometimes. And astrology can help with self-care tips straight from the stars. In fact, the stars can be a powerful tool for understanding and accepting ourselves for who we really are. Self-care Tips Based on Self Acceptance With an understanding of astrology and your...
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Aquarius season is a good time to change the world
If the sparkle and buzz of the New Year coupled with the intensity and drive of Capricorn season has you feeling drained, fret not, Aquarius season is upon us! The social and eccentric energy of Aquarius season kicks off on January 20th, and it will have you feeling your hippie oats straight through until February...
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Guide to the 7 Chakras
According to ancient Indian philosophy, there are seven chakras or centers of energy within the body, from our “root” at the base of our spine to our crown at the top of our skull. Each chakra has a unique function for our energetic existence. In her wonderful book, Eastern Body, Western Mind, Anodea Judith writes,...
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How to Cleanse Your Chakras with Crystals
According to ancient Indian philosophy, there are seven energetic points within the body called “chakras.” These seven points correspond to a philosophical model of the universe—a reminder of your innate connection to the cosmos. Chakras carry, transmit, and store energy. While in a balanced chakra system energy flows effortlessly, stressful events in our life can...
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A Guide to Cleansing Your Crystals and Gems
Crystals and gems are a lovely tool to supplement any self-care routine, from meditation to manifestation. And just as you require and deserve tender care and attention, our crystals, too, need to be cared for based on their compositions and unique characteristics. More than just pretty rocks, crystals are special natural materials noted for their...
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How your zodiac sign best copes with stress
Stress is inevitable, we all know that. But without regular stress relief, our increasingly stressful lifestyles can lead to harmful consequences for both our mental and physical health. And long-term stress can be especially damaging, causing a variety of health issues. So alleviating stress is critical. Of course, everyone deals with stress differently, and every...
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