7 Steps to Cleansing Your Chakra Points With Crystals

According to ancient Indian philosophy, there are seven energetic points within the body called “chakras.” These seven points correspond to a philosophical model of the universe—a reminder of your innate connection to the cosmos.

Chakras carry, transmit, and store energy. While in a balanced chakra system energy flows effortlessly, stressful events in our life can overpower our delicate chakra points, causing energetic imbalances.

Here’s a 7-step process for using crystals for cleansing chakra points and restoring energetic harmony.

Which Crystals Should I Use?

Our favorite stone to use is clear quartz, which is known for its ability to hold any intention we give it. You can remember the stone’s accommodating nature due to its clear color—it absorbs energies that surround it.

Steps to Cleansing Chakra Points

For this exercise you’ll need at least one crystal, but you can use more if you are called to do so.

You will also need a peaceful place to sit comfortably in meditation.

Make yourself as comfy as possible—pillows, yoga blocks, bolsters, anything you need to make yourself feel supported, physically.

  1. Settle into your comfortable seat. Make conscious contact with the floor from your seat by drawing awareness to the feeling of your bottom on the chair or on the floor where you’re sitting.
  2. Hold your crystal in your hands and imbue it with the intention to cleanse or balance your chakra points. Imagine the stone being flooded with your intention.
  3. With the stone holding your intention, breathe deeply in and out 10 times, extending your exhale. This stimulates the “rest and digest” part of your nervous system, and promotes calm.
  4. Now, take yourself on a walk through your chakra points, starting at the root chakra located at the base of the spine. Imagine warm, healing energy moving from your crystal to this point.
  5. Next, move the energy upward to your second chakra, located in the abdomen. Repeat the exercise of sending supportive clarity to the chakra from your stone.
  6. Repeat this visualization through the rest of the chakra points—the third, in the solar plexus, fourth, in the heart, fifth, in the throat, sixth, in the brow, and the seventh at the top of the head.
  7. At the end of this cleansing visualization, imagine a beam of pure, supportive energy running through your body. Maybe it makes a humming sound, maybe it feels warm. Tap in to how you feel as you imagine all the centers of energy working in harmony.
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