Your How-To Guide for Crystal and Gem Care

Crystals and gems are a lovely tool to supplement any self-care routine, from meditation to manifestation.

And just as you require and deserve tender care and attention, our crystals, too, need to be cared for based on their compositions and unique characteristics.

More than just pretty rocks, crystals are special natural materials noted for their unique atomic structure.

Crystals carry energy, and help soothe, balance, ground, energize, and heal us just by coming into contact with us in our day-to-day lives.

No two crystals are the same, however, and if you’re using these stones in your self-care practice, here are some tips for crystal and gem care to keep them energetically healthy and allied with your intentions.

How to Cleanse Your Crystals and Gems


The simplest way to purify your crystal’s energy is to hold it under cold, clear running water.

You can imagine yourself imbuing the crystal with warmth, or with a bright light, to help reinforce the cleansing process.

Certain crystals are sensitive to water, though. You should be mindful to not to place the following crystals in water:

  • Halite
  • Desert rose
  • Selenite
  • Fluorite
  • Malachite
  • And other “soft” crystals

Safe crystals for water cleansing are any type of:

  • Quartz
  • Jasper
  • Agate
  • And any other “hard” crystal


Lighting incense like lavender or cedar and passing your crystal through the smoke can help restore balance to your stone.


Sound cleansing requires the use of a bell or tuning fork.

Ringing a bell around your crystal with intention helps restore the vibrational balance of your crystal.

Keeping crystals in your home, in your jacket pocket, your yoga mat, your car—anywhere they can comfortably fit—is a beautiful way to help bring energetic focus to your day.

Keeping your crystals balanced and cared for will help enhance the work you and your crystals can do together.

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