Feeling All the Feels? Just Go with the Flow this Pisces Season

The glum of Capricorn and Aquarius seasons is starting to wane as we approach a more mystical time of the year. 

Pisces season gives us a reprieve from the harsh, stark realities that bombarded us in January and February. We’re moving out of two Saturn-ruled signs (Capricorn and Aquarius), which have kept us awake and aware of what our duties and responsibilities are going into this new year. 

Jupiter-ruled Pisces season gives us a bit of a mental break, allowing us time to breathe, day dream, and reflect before moving into the spring.

Go with the Flow

Pisces is a mutable sign, meaning it’s a season of transition. Mutability denotes the ability to be in flux, to shift, change and adapt. It’s a deeply feeling water sign that gives us an opportunity to tap into our sensitivities. 

The first Mercury Retrograde of the year happens during Pisces season, so there’s no escaping swimming in this energy. The Pisces season motto is always, “go with the flow”––it’s more difficult to swim against a wave than to ride with it. 

Let Yourself Be Moved

Mercury in Pisces favors non-verbal or non-linear communication, like through movement, gestures, song, and dance. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself more in tune with poetry and music during this time. 

Send a loved one a haiku or a playlist of songs that remind you of them. The more artistic and heartfelt the gift, the better. 

Embrace the Feels

Jupiter-ruled Pisces is all about experiencing expansive feelings. Your sensitivities are turned up, and that can be overwhelming for some. 

The best way to manage this increase in feels is to honor and be present with what comes up. It’s a beautiful thing to allow yourself to experience raw emotions without attempting to stifle or mask them. 

Pisces season takes place in the transition from one season to another. In the northern hemisphere, it’s Winter into Spring. In the southern hemisphere, it’s Summer into Fall. Either way, the weather is in flux and the energy seems to be stirred up. Find acceptance within the transition and do your best to remain centered. 

About the author

Shakirah Tabourn is an astrologer, writer, creator, and organizer. She has written horoscopes for Girlboss and has been featured in Bustle, Bushwick Daily, and VICE UK. Her NFLUX Mag celebrates POC & Queer folks in spirituality, art, and activism. Sun: SCORPIO Moon: ARIES Ascendant: PISCES

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