Fire Signs Feel Cold Too: The Elemental Signs Guide for Tackling SAD

It happens so quickly: one evening you’re taking the dog for a walk in the park, hanging laundry out to dry, and basically living your best life, and the next, it’s cold and you’re stuck inside eating dinner in the dark.

And then time starts moving soooo slowly….every day feels dark and heavy, and all those tasks that felt so simple by daylight now seem impossible.

In fact, doing anything that involves getting out of bed or off the couch seems impossible. You better hope Netflix is set to autoplay because the remote is on the other side of the room and you’re glued — no, cemented — in place by a cold, dark, seasonal oppressor appropriately named SAD.

SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, affects most people to some degree. Everyone experiences SAD differently, so it’s worth trying a variety of coping methods.

Ultimately, nothing beats professional support like counselling, support groups, or other therapies. But if you’re determined to get through it without professional help, or if you’re looking for some tips to use alongside your support system, here are our suggestions for coping with SAD based on your astrological element.

Fire Signs

Passionate, dynamic, and temperamental Fire signs just want to feel nurtured.

When the weather and lack of daylight have you feeling like your flame is dwindling, make plans to see your friends and family.

Being around your people will leave you feeling invigorated, but this is also a time to ask for help, lean on your support system, and talk through any negative feelings that may be cropping up.

As a typically optimistic Fire sign, you may not thrive amidst the darkness, so leaning on others can really help you out. You can also put yourself in social situations where you will meet new people and allow your fiery sparks to be ignited intrapersonally.

Earth Signs

Earth signs tend to appreciate feeling cozy — so grab your comfiest blanket and try to always have mittens and a scarf or a good beanie to bundle up when you have to leave the house.

Staying warm is underrated for dealing with SAD, and it can really boost the mood of an Earth sign. Once you’re bundled up, try to spend some time outside every day. Despite the cold, that icy air is really good for you, and having your feet planted (even if in snow) is super important for Earth signs, who are typically grounded and down to earth.

Air Signs

Air signs love action and ideas, so tackling SAD should reflect this natural desire for motion. Don’t underestimate the value of a daily walk, especially if you can fit it in midday when it’s still light out.

Booking a group activity (maybe with a friend) can be really helpful too, whether that’s once a week yoga or boxing, or even pole dancing.

In addition to keeping the body active, Air signs should consider picking up a winter hobby like writing, photography, knitting, singing, or anything that will keep the mind active as well.

Water Signs

Intuitive, emotional, and extra-sensitive Water signs will struggle with SAD in different ways. In general, Water signs thrive when they feel secure, so to combat SAD, try to do what you can to foster a secure environment.

For example, create a cozy space where you can rejuvenate, adding blankets, books, cut flowers, candles, or whatever makes you feel good. Think about light therapy, too — put bright lights in your cozy space, and consider getting a SAD light box. Once your space is set up, try to reserve some time to unwind there every day.

Before you know it, the light will return and the long summer days will be here once again.

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