How to Tread Water in a Pool of Your Own Tears When You’re Overwhelmed with Emotion

As we enter Pisces season — the signifier of the end of winter and also the end of the zodiac — the word to remember is emotion. 

This is an emotional time for every sign; it is moving from the cold distance of Aquarius to the warm enlightenment of a good cry. 

While those of us who aren’t water signs may be wary of being forced to sit in our feelings, it’s time to note the quiet, dreamy wisdom of the season: being in touch with your feelings, and knowing how to ride with rather than against them makes you wiser, happier, and better equipped to handle change. 

Take a page from the book of Pisces singer Nina Simone, and get ready to start feeling (good).    

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Aries: Confront Your Emotions without Distraction
Taurus: Put Your Own Feelings in the Spotlight
Gemini: Gemini — Coax Out Your Emotions with a Good Tear-jerker
Cancer: Let Others In
Leo: Try Being a Bit Vulnerable
Virgo: Get to the Bottom of the Feeling
Libra: Treat Yourself Like You Would Others
Scorpio: Find a Confidante
Sagittarius: Go Deep into Your Heart
Capricorn: Pause and Acknowledge Your Feelings
Aquarius: Access Your Emotions Creatively
Pisces: Reach out and Bond

Aries — Confront Your Emotions without Distraction

You may feel inclined to distract yourself when experiencing strong emotion — to take on more work or start a new project. Try to confront the stronger emotions rather than running from them. Write about what you are feeling…even if you have to destroy the evidence afterward to keep anyone from knowing you (really knowing you). 

Taurus — Put Your Own Feelings in the Spotlight

You are so, so good at putting your emotions aside for the sake of others. Pisces season is a call to emotional action. It’s time to address those feelings you’ve been pushing aside. Take some time to yourself to listen to the music that calls you — whether you’re dancing or crying, you’ll be doing it for you.

Gemini — Coax Out Your Emotions with a Good Tear-jerker

Analytical Geminis may have difficulty feeling whatever they need to feel without trying to figure out what it all means. To alleviate the discomfort of just sitting in the feelings, it might help to read a book or watch a movie with characters who are feeling similar emotions to you. 

Cancer — Let Others In

If you’re born under the sign Cancer, you’re not going to want to hear this but you’ve gotta let others in. You’re a water sign, so you already know what it means to be in touch with your emotions — the challenge for you is to open up to someone who may be able to help you sort it all out. Don’t bottle it up this Pisces season! 

Leo — Try Being a Bit Vulnerable 

People aren’t going to dislike you because you have completely normal human emotions. Leos often ignore their feelings, fearing any crack in their impenetrable veneer. Vulnerability is never a weakness and will only bring you closer to those you care about.

Virgo — Get to the Bottom of the Feeling

You may feel like sometimes your emotions get the best of you. Perhaps more than other signs, your emotions tend to feel overwhelming, almost impossible to ignore. Being a little more analytical could help you out; next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, ask yourself ‘what’s really causing this?’ ‘Am I just hungry?’

Libra — Treat Yourself Like You Would Others

If you want to know what to do with all these emotions, ask yourself: ‘if one of my friends came to me with this emotional issue, what advice would I give them?’ You are so good at advising friends and family, you just need to take your own advice every once in a while. 

Scorpio — Find a Confidante

Even if you pride yourself on your ability to be unknowable, you’ve got to give it up this Pisces season, even if just for a second. Find someone you can confide in and be completely, no holds barred, no mystery, no BS, honest. Post-emotional release you can re-shroud yourself in mystery, if need be. 

Sagittarius — Go Deep into Your Heart

The glass is neither half full nor half empty: it was polished off ages ago while you were busy putting on a happy face. Sagittarians are often afraid of being hurt by the truth, which means they repress rather than address it. Pull up anything you’ve been stuffing deep down in your heart and pay attention to how those feelings have been really affecting you and those around you.    

Capricorn — Pause and Acknowledge Your Feelings

Let the plan go for a second and focus on how you are feeling. As a natural leader and planner, you may not want to let anything get in the way of your goals, but this Pisces season, try to acknowledge your emotions before you stuff them away for their lack of utility. 

Aquarius — Access Your Emotions Creatively

It’s difficult to cope with your feelings when you insist on dismissing them. It’s worth committing to an activity that you already enjoy, but using it for the purpose of trying to get in touch with your innermost feelings. For example, if you enjoy making art, set aside some time to create art and specifically see how it makes you feel. 

Pisces — Reach out and Bond

You should be familiar with handling vast emotions by now, right? Take this opportunity to connect with others rather than receding into your emotions as you are accustomed to doing. Reach out to a friend or loved one and bond over whatever you are feeling — it’ll be refreshing to have some company in the emotional space you often reserve for yourself only. 

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