How to Embrace Sagittarius Season

Are you exhausted from the intense emotions that came with Scorpio season? You’re in luck!

November 22nd marks the beginning of Sagittarius season, which will have us all in good spirits through December 21st.

It’s a good time for everyone, ushering in fresh energy and enthusiasm for life. Here’s a look at how to thrive during Sagittarius season and get the most of this auspicious period!

Indulge Your Philosophical Musings

Sagittarius season will have everyone feeling more philosophical and curious about seeking out truth and knowledge.

Embrace this natural desire to learn about the world around you—it will imbue the holidays with an extra special sense of wonder.

Wander through your local used bookstore and you’ll probably find yourself gravitating toward the philosophy section.

Pick up anything that speaks to you, whether you want to explore justice and ethical harmony with Confucius or debate the concept of subjective vs. objective truths with Kierkegaard.

You’ll find yourself looking out the window after a particularly engaging thought session (or regenerating nap) and marveling at the impossible beauty of a tree against the sky.

Take a Wander

Sagittarius season will undoubtedly bring out your wanderlust. Even if all you do is book yourself a trip for sometime in the new year, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.

The advantages of traveling are numerous and obvious. But you’ll be doing this for other reasons, too. Just knowing you have a trip coming up will feed your soul. And when the journey actually happens, it’s magic.

Harness that Optimism

Use the inspired, optimistic energy of Sagittarius to begin new projects, take up new hobbies, or learn a new language.

It may seem counterintuitive to take on anything new during the busiest time of the year, but that Sagittarian fire will infuse you with the confident energy to take it all on.

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Alex Prong is a bartender, fern enthusiast, and writer who prefers writing pieces that blur the lines of genre. Alex tends to ascribe cosmic significance to trivial events and people. You can find her sitting at a kitchen island, wearing cabin socks and lingerie, and writing erotica about the woman who delivers her mail. ☉ Scorpio ☽ Cancer ↑ Leo

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