How to Leave Drama Behind and Never, Ever Look Back

Are you constantly being asked to ‘spill the tea’?

Have you lost countless friends, acquaintances, and lovers because there’s always drama unfolding?

Tried to speak to your friends about world issues only to wind up discussing who frenched who? You’re not alone. It can be downright triggering. 

Let’s leave the drama to Cats (the musical) and quit being catty. Read on for an anti-drama glow-up. 

What Would Taylor Swift Do?

Speaking of Cats, tip one requires you to think about Taylor Swift (sorry). Ask yourself, ‘what would TS do?’ and then do the opposite. 

This is the number one most sure-fire way to avoid drama of any sort. For example, if your ex is bringing a new partner to a party, it’s probably not a good idea to go to that party, no matter how good you are at shaking it off. There are always other parties friends. 

Stay True to Yourself

Following up on point one, don’t be a nightmare dressed as a daydream.

A really easy way to avoid drama is to stay true to who you actually are. Being two-faced is a guaranteed way to get yourself into trouble.

Who’s Burning Who?

Take a close look at your relationships and consider their effect on your life. Are all of the people in your life making your life better? Or is there someone you go out with regularly who insists on starting fires — convinces you to drink too much, talks to people you don’t get along with, or makes you go to parties you don’t want to go to? 

At a certain point it’s up to you to recognize which relationships are bringing you joy and which are causing nothing but third-degree burns. 

Drop the Passive Aggressive Punches

Leave being passive aggressive in the past. If you’re not saying exactly how you feel to someone when they upset you, then you’re pushing it down, repressing it. 

And when you do that, it’s bound to come out again as soon as you have the opportunity — when you start talking about people behind their backs, gossiping. It can get addictive, too. 

To avoid this inevitable drama (it’s going to get back to the person, and they’re going to be much more furious with you when they hear it from someone else), bring up negative feelings with the person who is causing them. 

E.g.: instead of writing a passive aggressive article about how angry Taylor Swift makes you, send her a letter asking, begging even, for her to stop making music (and movies). The world will be better with less passive aggression, and you will, too.

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Alex Prong is a bartender, fern enthusiast, and writer who prefers writing pieces that blur the lines of genre. Alex tends to ascribe cosmic significance to trivial events and people. You can find her sitting at a kitchen island, wearing cabin socks and lingerie, and writing erotica about the woman who delivers her mail. ☉ Scorpio ☽ Cancer ↑ Leo

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