How to Make This Year Yours with Smart New Year’s Resolutions

Whether you’re a noncommittal Sag or an overly organized Virgo, New Year’s resolutions can be fun to make for every zodiac sign… but tough to keep.

There’s nothing worse than looking at the journal entries you made early in the year and feeling like a complete failure.

The truth is, we are setting ourselves up to fail by making resolutions the way we do.

Here are Ora’s DOs and DON’Ts for setting yourself up for success with your New Year’s resolutions:

Don’t Determine Your Self-worth in the New Year Using Numbers

Goals like: “Lose 10 pounds in the new year” are bound to make you feel worse. And resolutions should always be about making you feel better.

If you want to make a health goal, and if you need specifics to make you feel like you’re on track, try rephrasing to something like, “Head to the gym twice a week,” or “Eat veggies at every weeknight dinner.”

These are still health-related goals, but they don’t diminish your self-worth to a number on a scale. You are more than that. You’ve always been more than that, and you always will be.

Do Check in with Yourself and Your Support System Regularly

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that resolutions take time to achieve. Some also require support.

Whether you need practice, motivation, or just plain old planning to achieve your goals, you have to check in with yourself to figure those needs out, or you’ll be left wondering why nothing’s happening. Even Creed needed checking-in on to achieve his stunning, no holds barred cartwheel.

Give yourself the year to achieve your New Year’s resolutions and build in check-ins along the way.

Don’t Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions to Yourself

A good first step is writing your resolutions down; this will keep you accountable to yourself.

It’s also a good idea to share with family or friends, or make your resolutions public in some way (Pam Beesly-style Office Resolution Board, anyone?)

By sharing your goals, you have someone to check in with. This works for all-year-long goals, too—support each other when things aren’t going well, and celebrate when they are.

Do Create Systems that Make it Easy for You to Succeed

Instead of making big, lofty goals like “get promoted,” consider the system you can create for yourself in order to succeed in your job and eventually become worthy of promotion.

For example, your resolutions can be to eat a healthy breakfast before work, get to know your coworkers better so that you can become a stronger team, and allocate time every week to think of a creative way to improve something in the workplace.

Setting yourself up to succeed involves more than just a vision board — it’s a vision board with step by step instructions on how to get there. It’s a vision board with various goals that work together to make your life better. You got this.

Don’t Make Your New Year’s Resolutions for Someone Else

The sure-fire way to end up abandoning a resolution is to not really care about it in the first place.

Are you saying you want to jog every morning because Karen from Finance wants to jog every morning?

Are you setting out to eat a sandwich from all the top sandwich places in town because your boyfriend really likes sandwiches?

Cut that out! Resolutions are all about becoming your best self. They should be about you — your desires, your aspirations, and yes, even your favorite foods.

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