How to Take Better Care of Yourself: An Astrological Self-Care Guide

Embracing a self-care habit that revitalizes your mind, body, and spirit can change your life.

But for the average consumer, it can be daunting to test out all the available products and practices to find the best ones for you. Especially when all you want to do is unwind after a taxing day.

If you’re overwhelmed by all the options, this self-care guide offers suggestions for self-care practices that are the best fit for your zodiac sign.

Aries — Cardio Kickstart

You’re an ambitious fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of action and determination. Calming practices like meditation, journaling, or any activity that involves sitting still may not appeal to you.

Instead, consider going for a light jog, a run, or a brisk walk to soothe your mind. Mobile activities give you the opportunity to organize your thoughts and reflect on all the ambitious tasks and impending decisions you have on your plate.

Also use this time to consider the effect your actions have on others, because these things are often lost on you during the busy push of your everyday life. Using light cardio exercise as your meditation fix will really benefit your mental health.

Taurus — A Cozy Night In

As practical and grounded as you are, you have a soft spot for material possessions. So take advantage of this interest to inspire your self-care!

Steer clear of your desire for reckless retail therapy and, instead, enjoy a night in with the things you already own. Oversized robe, fuzzy socks, and hot tea will do wonders for your mental health without much effort.

This is an opportunity to feel grateful for the things you have and take the time to reflect on all the projects you have on the go. You’re known for taking things slow and steady, so check in with your progress and make sure you’re on track for where you want to be.

Gemini — Journaling

As an intellectual air sign, you’re always on a quest for knowledge and your focus tends to be scattered across various projects at once. While you may love engaging in conversations and making social connections, it would be beneficial for you to take the time to channel that same communicative energy inward.

Journaling is an excellent form of self-care that suits your active mind. Explore your expansive imagination, evaluate your progress on your many projects, and make note of any interesting philosophies or anecdotes that come up throughout your day.

If you find yourself getting restless with the straightforward nature of journaling, you can try variations like sketching, bullet journaling, or making or to-do lists, and rotate as necessary to keep your interest up.

Cancer — Books and Movies

As a sensitive and empathic person who’s constantly at the whims of other people’s moods, you’ll benefit from indulging in emotional outlets that don’t have any personal stakes—think reading a book or watching a movie.

Allow yourself to get swept away and test your instincts against a rich plot. You know what people are going to do often before they know themselves, so take a night off, curl up in a blanket, and recharge your emotional batteries by getting lost in someone else’s story.

Leo — Social Interaction

You’re probably tired of hearing that Leos think they’re the center of the universe—even if all the other planets do revolve around the Sun.

Your sunny disposition and loyalty to your loved ones make you a popular figure in your friend group, so naturally you’re the type to recharge best through social interactions.

In times of stress, surround yourself with your tribe. You’ll find that going out with friends for brunch or happy hour can be the perfect antidote to your blues. Use this energy to feel empowered about your position in life, and you’ll in turn empower others by inspiring them with your charisma and charm.

Virgo — Organizing Your Room

You’re supremely organized and tend to be a serial multitasker that can sometimes take on too much work.

Your ideal self-care routine revolves around meditative organizing. Rearrange your room, organize your bookshelf, or clear the clutter out of your closets, drawers, and basements—just make sure you focus on one task at a time and get it done to completion.

If you’re getting rid of old clothes, you can harness your detail-attentive powers by systemizing everything into donation bins, for-sale piles, or gifts for siblings and pals. Organizing based on aesthetic can also feel rewarding as you sort out the things that ended up in the wrong place.

Overall, this type of personal maintenance can relax your mind and give you that sense of accomplishment all Virgos crave.

Libra — Meditation

You can be both indecisive and intellectual, so the most definitive self-care practice for you is meditation.

On a life-long quest to find balance in your life, you already exude a fair-minded nature that avoids rocking the boat. It can be seriously rewarding for you to introspect more often about who you really are and what you really think.

Take a few minutes out of your day to reflect on your true feelings. Being more in touch with your emotions can benefit you, especially since Libras tend to avoid confrontation and allow feelings to bottle up.

Scorpio — Forest Bathing

Dark and mysterious at your core, you may gravitate toward a dark and mysterious form of self-care, but your best medicine is to surround yourself with nature.

As passionate and intense as you are, Scorpios tend to fold inward when they feel intense emotions because they need a long time to process what they’re going through.

Spending more time with Mother Nature can suit your introspective need for the truth, and drag you out of your brooding cynicism.

Nature will refresh and revitalize you, and give you the chance to live outside of your solitary fantasies. You’ll come out of the experience feeling alive and ready to socialize again.

Sagittarius — Video Games

You’re always seeking new experiences, but this makes it all the more important for you to find stillness once in a while, just to reconnect with your sense of self.

A great activity for you is to simply stay home and play video games. Playing games can satisfy your craving for adventure through problem solving and puzzles, but it can also recharge you mentally as you decompress from all your daily stresses.

The social element of games can be stimulating for you, too, as you always have fun showing off your quick wit.

Capricorn — Skincare

You’re so driven that you frequently put your goals in front of your personal needs. An excellent self-care practice that suits your disciplined and practical nature is to adopt a pampering, multi-step skincare routine.

Find a rejuvenating face mask, exfoliator, cleanser, toner, and moisturizer that work for your skin type and you’ll find that integrating this structured, step-by-step routine is incredibly satisfying.

Cleaning your largest organ can be the meditative ritual you need to focus on yourself both when you wake up and when you go to sleep.

Aquarius — Creative Arts

You’re no stranger to taking time to mull over ideas and plans. Because this meditative reflection is already a part of your routine, take some of that focused thinking power and express it through art.

Play or listen to music, dance, paint, or draw, and definitely color outside the lines (that would be just like you, Aquarius).

Lean in to your natural open-mindedness and freely create. You’ll be rewarded with a clear, concise mind, a full release of your stress, and a beautiful new art piece to cherish.

Pisces — To-Do Lists and Goal Charts

Sensitive and emotional, you seemingly always have your head in the clouds, so you’d do well with some organized self-care activities.

Making budgets, to-do lists, or goal charts are easy ways to get your head straight, and you can still add your creative Piscean flair with colorful pens and drawings.

You tend to get caught up in the emotions of other people in your life, so focusing on your tangible goals with realistic timelines will do you wonders. This way, you won’t have any unexpected stress when you get swept up in others’ drama once again.

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