Let the Stars be Your Travel Agent

Though the holidays often revolve around visits home with family and friends, this time of year also offers opportunities to strike out into the world to explore new places, letting the stars guide you toward something new.

With the Sun in expansive Sagittarius at the end of November, we’re all feeling curious and optimistic about adventures in far-off destinations.

By the end of December, Capricorn season guides us to find inspiring new places to roam — places that fill our minds and hearts, and help us on our path to growth.

Each sign is uniquely affected by the astrological weather. Where do your adventures lie this holiday season?


You’re naturally curious and adventurous, and itching to break free this time of year. Bangkok, Thailand could provide you with the thrills and excitement you’re craving. With its vibrant energy and gorgeous, ornate shrines, you’ll find Southeast Asia stimulating and heart-opening.


Because you’re normally so thoughtful, this time of year can have you feeling reflective and curious about connections with something bigger than yourself. A trip to Reykjavik, Iceland may be a beautiful way to find connection with something spiritual and almost other-worldly — simultaneously old and new.


As your group’s unofficial social butterfly, you’re drawn to the sparkling Dalmatian coast. Take a trip to Split, Croatia this holiday season to feed and re-energize your spirit. There, you’ll find balance and levity in Split’s luminous bars and cafés.


A trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina will invigorate your penchant for nostalgia and glamor. This city’s European facade gives way to a vibrant, sparkling Latin energy that will provide you with many options for fine dining, culture, art, and nightlife. This is a place where you can let loose a little and let your inner warmth shine.


This holiday season, consider a trip to Istanbul, Turkey to invigorate and challenge your senses. This is a city with ancient charm and a glittering soul. The colorful, busy bazaars are the perfect place to find inspiration for new modes of passionate self-expression—your favorite!


Are you waiting for the holidays just so you can curl up and dream away the days? A trip to Positano, Italy will hit that soulful note you love so much. This lush, historic town on Italy’s Amalfi coast offers endless opportunities for roaming beaches by day, and having candle-lit rustic meals by night.


Your desire to please everybody can turn this time of year into a challenge. A trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands will be the chill and charming antidote you need. Your love for a balanced aesthetic will be fueled by Amsterdam’s old-world charm and relaxed social atmosphere.


Your deep, complex imagination will be ignited in Crete, Greece this holiday season. The combination of brilliant sea and rustic cultural life allows you to feel at ease, as you’re surrounded by nurturing, re-invigorating water.


More than anything, you love to encounter people from all walks of life. This holiday season, a trip to Berlin, Germany is your best bet for impossibly romantic meet-cutes and exciting adventures. The city’s cosmopolitan vibe paired with its artistic flair is a sure bet for a liberating time—exactly what you need.


You are nothing if not the cultivator of classic aesthetics. Take a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland this holiday season to explore a history and culture that boasts old-world charm (hello, castles!) and plenty of affable hospitality (hello, pubs!) When you find that pastoral pasture full of roaming fluffy sheep, the thought of never returning home will flicker through your mind. Hold on to that image when you’re back.


Take this holiday season as an opportunity to satiate your craving for independence. Lisbon, Portugal speaks to your love of both the old and the new. Lisbon’s medieval structures paired with its contemporary, quirky wit will pique and hold your curiosity. When was the last time this happened?


This holiday season, find rest and rejuvenation in Maui, Hawaii. With its lovely array of beaches and relaxed atmosphere, you’ll find the close proximity to the sea healing and nourishing at this busy time of year.

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Cristina Farella is an author based in Eugene, Oregon. She is the founder of Eighth House Astrology, through which she offers chart consultation as well as writing on art and the occult. Find her online at https://cristinafarella.com. ☉ Virgo ☽ Gemini  ↑ Capricorn

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