Mercury Retrograde’s Over. Now What?

Now that Mercury has stationed direct and is no longer in retrograde, you may be breathing a sigh of relief.

Mercury retrograde brought us three weeks of delays, confusion, miscommunication, reviews, and revisions. During this period, did you reconnect with old friends or lovers; miss a train, bus, or flight; lose something valuable then find it again? All typical retrograde shenanigans.

Mercury’s Shadowy Phases

While you might feel you’re in the clear now, since Mercury’s stationed direct, there’s still reason for caution. Mercury is actually still moving very slowly forward, catching up to its regular speed over the next two weeks.

You may have felt Mercury’s pre-shadow phase—the two weeks leading up to the retrograde. This was when Mercury began to slow down, tracing the path it would later retrograde through. This period foreshadowed what later came during the retrograde itself.

Similarly, the post-shadow period has remnants of the retrograde that slowly begin to dissipate as Mercury moves to clear its shadow. This period officially ends when Mercury moves past the point in the zodiac where it stationed retrograde.

The Upside to Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde takes us on a journey inward.

The retrograde period allows us to take a step back, slow down, and rethink our processes. We’re gifted this time in order to be sure we aren’t moving forward too quickly, lest we forget to cross our Ts and dot our Is. It makes sure that we’re certain about the path we’ve chosen and allows us an opportunity to make changes and realign.

This journey officially began when Mercury stationed retrograde, inviting us to pause. Next we were asked to review as Mercury journeyed backward toward the Sun.

At the cazimi point, when Mercury formed an exact alignment with the Sun, we were offered a moment of clarity or an opportunity to gain insight about our current situation. What followed was a period of better understanding.

Now What?

Now that the retrograde is over, we’re in the post-shadow period. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Mercury is still moving slowly, so you might not be able to make speedy changes right away. Instead, proceed with caution and thought.

  • Continue to wrap up any loose ends from the retrograde period, but feel free to begin to move forward.

What did you learn from this retrograde period? Were you challenged to slow down, stop and review? What changes have been made since the start of the retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde has a way of slowing us down and forcing us to fully understand a particular process or function by making us go through the steps multiple times.

Remember when you had to go to the store four different times to finally get all your groceries, or reschedule an appointment three times because of miscommunication?

In the end, you’ll have more respect for the process around whatever hiccup you had to deal with during the retrograde—and you may even consider yourself a master-level problem solver by the end of it.

Hopefully, whatever went down during this retrograde will help prepare you for the next. Did you lean into it or did you resist the slow-down? Did you relish in the extra time to review, redo and reorganize, or did you try to push through despite that resistance?

Regardless of the path you chose, take comfort in knowing your experiences—good or challenging—are preparing you for the next retrograde.

On average, Mercury goes retrograde about three times a year, so take the time between retrogrades to:

  • Launch new projects
  • Set things in motion
  • Make big purchases
  • Sign contracts

Try to use retrograde periods as opportunities to step back and reflect upon your progress instead of resisting. You’ll feel more in alignment with the natural flow of the universe and emerge enlightened.

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