A New Year’s Resolution Fit for Your Zodiac Sign

With the New Year comes the promise that everything can change.

Making New Year’s Resolutions can feel really good, like you’re getting your life on track. But sometimes it can be hard to see what areas of your life to target for change because you’re so in it.

No matter how much mindfulness meditation you manage to squeeze in per day, taking a step back and really seeing yourself can be challenging.

That’s why we’ve got some recommended astrological new year’s resolutions based on your zodiac sign. Try ’em on and see if they stick!

Aries: See it Through

Always the self-starter, you love to take on new projects. That said, you aren’t always a strong finisher.

Take the new year as an opportunity to see a project all the way through to the end. Who knows — maybe that feeling of accomplishment will become addictive and you’ll never abandon a project again.

Taurus: Let Go

Given your sign is known for its tendency to dig in its heels, you could use this new year to try to let go more.

Once a month, do something outside your comfort zone — have a friend plan your night out and just see what happens. You’ll either find a new passion or realize exactly why you have a comfort zone in the first place (a win-win).

Gemini: Reignite an Old Flame

You may have some difficulty sticking to any resolutions, given the fickle nature of your sign.

So why not resolve to pick up one of your many unfinished projects from the past year and breathe new life into it. Cradle it, reinvent it, make it better than you ever could have imagined. Your resolution for the new year is to see an old project through ‘til the very end.

Cancer: Plan it Out

Your sign is not typically known for its planning skills, so buying a planner could be a good goal for you.

Then, carefully and analytically, plan a week or two in January, mark it in your planner, and stay on top of it. A little advance planning in could open up more opportunities for you and add a little more balance to your life.

Leo: Give it Away

You’ve heard it all before: your sign tends to think it’s at the center of the universe. Prove it wrong by signing up to volunteer somewhere in the new year. Giving yourself to others in this way can enrich your life in different and unexpected ways.

Virgo: Take a Break

Frankly, you could use a little time off from planning out every little detail all the time.

Consider going on a trip with someone you love and letting them do all the analytical planning work. A break from being in the driver’s seat can give you and your anxious, meticulous energy a much needed reset.

Libra: Get to Know Yourself

Your conformist streak urges you to explore who you really are.

Always so agreeable to others’ invitations and priorities, resolve to carve out time for solitary reflection — whether that’s journaling, meditating, or confiding in a friend — to figure out what you really like and what you’re truly passionate about.

Scorpio: Look on the Bright Side

Ready to give the brooding a rest already?

A good resolution for your dark, melancholic nature is to try to see the bright side of life, whatever that means for you. Do activities that bring you joy, hang out with a Sagittarius: whatever works best for you.

Sagittarius: Come Down to Earth

Your arrogance is seen as a strength when it comes off as charisma, but it can sometimes be too much.

Resolve to be a little more down to earth, would ya? Try adopting some self-deprecating humor, start a gratitude journal, or hang out with the barbed and venomous Scorpio: whatever works best for you.

Capricorn: Talk it Up

As much as you excel at planning, you aren’t always prone to communicating.

Resolve to spend some time every week working on your communication skills: tell a friend you care about them, explain how you will execute a plan to a coworker, or just chat up new people in general.

Aquarius: Show Some Love

Your sign is known for erring a little on the chilly side sometimes, so resolve to pay closer attention to those in your circle.

Show up for friends — whether that’s going to their events or just messaging them to let them know you’re thankful to have them in your life.

Pisces: Schedule Some Me Time

You always run the risk of sinking too deep into others’ emotions.

For the New Year, resolve to take more time for yourself. Whatever your self-care preferences may be, put them in your calendar and intentionally get back in touch with your own needs and sense of self.

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