Feeling Angsty? Try These 3 Tips for Overcoming Sudden Moodiness

Some days you wake up in a foul mood, whether it’s from an unsettling dream or for no apparent reason.

Other times you become triggered by the tiniest things that seem to push you over the edge.

Suddenly, you’re in a mood, and not the cute kind that you’d want to hashtag.

It happens to everyone, so try not to beat yourself up about it!

But when you do feel a bad mood taking hold, here are some tips for overcoming those funky feelings.


Yes, you’ve heard it before, but it really works!

Taking time to sit up straight, close your eyes, and breathe deeply for even a few minutes will help slow down your heartbeat and allow you to review the thoughts running through your head with less judgement.

Deep breathing helps bring you back into your body so that you aren’t solely focused on your emotions.

It’s important to remember that your feelings are completely valid, but that doesn’t mean they are the truth.

Ground Yourself

While breathing helps with grounding, interacting with the physical world around you can help even more. That can include eating nourishing foods, taking a walk in nature, or even tending to indoor plants.

One of the simplest ways to ground your energy is to put your feet flat on the floor and feel the energy of the earth below you supporting you.

Bringing yourself back into your body on a physical level will further help you recenter and refocus.

Choose Optimism and Gratitude

There’s no denying that after falling into a crappy mood, it is difficult to lift yourself back up out of it. However, simply remembering that you have a choice in the matter can be helpful.

You can make a deliberate decision to look at your situation from another angle.

Perhaps you choose gratitude, meaning you begin to give thanks for anything you’re grateful for in that moment. This is a surefire way to begin to change your perspective.

Or perhaps you choose optimism, which could look like forcing yourself to smile (research shows this works!), saying affirmations, or simply deciding that you won’t allow yourself to be bothered!

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Shakirah Tabourn is an astrologer, writer, creator, and organizer. She has written horoscopes for Girlboss and has been featured in Bustle, Bushwick Daily, and VICE UK. Her NFLUX Mag celebrates POC & Queer folks in spirituality, art, and activism. Sun: SCORPIO Moon: ARIES Ascendant: PISCES

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