Dreaming In Color: Tap into the Power of Lucid Dreaming 

With dreamy season in full swing, as well as Mercury Retrograde, these days are brimming with opportunities to find the real world pretty overwhelming. 

If you find yourself feeling activated, it’s helpful to remember that we carry so much information within us, in our subconscious, that we can tap into to find answers, inspiration, and clarity.

In this season, when the mundane frustrates us, we must engage something more magical, like lucid dreaming.

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is a technique of establishing a sort of “waking” consciousness within a dream (the kind you have at night), so that you can explore your own inner realm, and find a deeper connection with your unconscious.

How to Practice Lucid Dreaming

Practice lucid dreaming by doing the following:

  1. Soothe your mind. Ready yourself for bed as you normally would, but if you’d like to have tea (chamomile, passionflower, and mugwort are all helpful for dreaming), that may help soothe your mind before bed.
  2. Imagine your hand. As you close your eyes for sleep, imagine your own hand and counting down on your fingers one through five. Do this gently as you drift off.
  3. “Wake up” in your dream. With practice, you will arrive in a dream where you are counting on your fingers! This is your cue, and you will remember that you’re dreaming. Thus the dream-space is safe, within your control, and operates at your discretion.
  4. Explore your dream realm to get in touch with anything that needs some tender care. You can hold conversations with loved ones, or dream that you find success in a particular situation, or perhaps dream that you’re shrouded in unconditional love from the universe. No feat is too small.

This exercise sometimes takes practice, but is a powerful tool for exploring your inner world. Sweet dreams!

About the author

Cristina Farella is an author based in Eugene, Oregon. She is the founder of Eighth House Astrology, through which she offers chart consultation as well as writing on art and the occult. Find her online at https://cristinafarella.com. ☉ Virgo ☽ Gemini  ↑ Capricorn

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