Self-Care Tips from the Stars

We all need to show ourselves a little love and compassion sometimes. And astrology can help with self-care tips straight from the stars.

In fact, the stars can be a powerful tool for understanding and accepting ourselves for who we really are.

Self-care Tips Based on Self Acceptance

With an understanding of astrology and your specific birth chart comes a level of self-acceptance that can be freeing.

When you tap into the specifics of your birth chart, you may begin to think to yourself, “I’m like this for a reason” or, “This is just the way I am, and that’s okay”.

Instead of choosing to hate on yourself and your natal placements, it’s helpful to flip the lens and look at yourself as a living embodiment of the potential formed the moment you entered this world.

Making the Most of Your Moon Sign

Your Moon sign is a huge factor in what you need to take care of yourself on a daily basis.

The condition of your Moon (sign, house, and aspects), will speak to:

  • How you give and receive nurturing
  • How you instinctually respond to situations, and
  • What you need to feel safe, comfortable, and secure.

The sign your Moon is in will give you an idea of the type of situations and environments that feed you emotionally.

It also shows the way you nurture yourself. For example, if your Moon is in Gemini, learning something new or talking about your feelings will help you to feel more balanced and centered.

Another way to work with the Moon is to track lunar cycles. While knowing how to feed your Moon is super important, so is acknowledging the lunar phase we’re collectively moving through.

Through tracking the Moon’s phases, even at a very basic level, you can understand potential peaks and low points in your moods.

New Moons mark the beginning of the lunar cycle, and represent a time of new beginnings, seeds being planted, and intentions being set.

During a New Moon, however, the Sun and Moon come into alignment, and the light of the Moon cannot be seen as it’s obscured by the light of the Sun. Our energy, therefore, is often lower than usual, and you may feel more introspective.

Two weeks after the New Moon, a Full Moon occurs. This represents a peak in energy for the month. Full Moons are times of celebration, displays, and reveals.

During this time you may feel you’re buzzing with energy, or your emotions might feel like they’re starting to overflow.

Keeping track of the Moon phases can help you understand and conceptualize what you’re feeling, and gives you the opportunity to hold space for whatever comes up.

If you’re feeling more tired than usual and you realize a New Moon is coming up, you might think twice about forcing yourself to go out!

Similarly, if you’re feeling overly emotional and realize a Full Moon is a few days away, you might seek out an appropriate outlet for your feelings.

Working with your natal Moon and the transiting Moon can help you tap into your preferred methods of self-care, ultimately leading to a healthier you.

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Shakirah Tabourn is an astrologer, writer, creator, and organizer. She has written horoscopes for Girlboss and has been featured in Bustle, Bushwick Daily, and VICE UK. Her NFLUX Mag celebrates POC & Queer folks in spirituality, art, and activism. Sun: SCORPIO Moon: ARIES Ascendant: PISCES

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