Sign Compatibility: How to Take What You Need from Astrology to Improve Your Relationships

Can a Leo and a Virgo ever get along? Will Taurus and Aries always lock horns? 

One of the most common uses for astrology is as a tool to determine compatibility. And you might even notice when you’re swiping Tinder that more and more people are including exclusionary statements in their bios like ‘No Pisces.’ 

Even Lizzo, in her popular song “Soulmate,” says that loving a Gemini is “like a threesome” because of how two-faced they are known to be. She claims she’d rather be on her own. 

So what’s the deal with dating by the stars? And what can we glean from these zodiac compatibility stereotypes?

All Signs Can Be Compatible

There is a lot of bad advice out there about dating, and that extends to astrological compatibility. 

Some people seek to date an opposite sign thinking that opposites attract. Others will only date within their sign or within their sign type, for example an Aquarius dating only other Air signs. 

But the truth is this: all signs can be compatible. No sign is truly off-limits to any other sign. 

Yes, even for you free-spirited Sagittarius’ and conservative Capricorns. Even for you. 

How Astrology Can Enhance Your Relationship

All relationships take work. The value of understanding your astrological compatibility is that it  gives you an idea of where you need to focus your energy to make the relationship work. 

Consider the supposedly non-compatible Scorpio and Sagittarius. Typically Scorpios are possessive in nature while Sagittarians need freedom. 

But if you look past this clichéd red flag you’d see two signs that have similar philosophies — both always searching for truth, adventure, and meaning in life. 

If Scorpio focuses their energy on giving Sagittarius space to do their own thing, and Sag offers Scorp more love and attention than they may be used to giving, then the two signs can have quite the fulfilling relationship together. 

In addition to making assumptions about how compatible people will be in relationships before they even get to know one another, traditional sign compatibility can be super outmoded in that it’s often focused only on traditional male-female relationships — as if the stars see gender and as if queer compatibility isn’t written in the stars, too? 

Ultimately, your gut can tell you more about a person than any astrologer, website, or song lyric ever will. And astrology can help you refine your approach to any relationship you decide to pursue. So go after the one your heart truly desires and let the stars fall where they may.

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Alex Prong is a bartender, fern enthusiast, and writer who prefers writing pieces that blur the lines of genre. Alex tends to ascribe cosmic significance to trivial events and people. You can find her sitting at a kitchen island, wearing cabin socks and lingerie, and writing erotica about the woman who delivers her mail. ☉ Scorpio ☽ Cancer ↑ Leo

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