So You’re Feeling Emotional. But Is There More to It Than That?

Emotions are a layer of your mind’s space and can become powerful tools for self-inquiry, self-love, and self-development.

Your emotions provide real-time data as to your particular point-of-view on any given matter. They bring your awareness to a current issue, and then they leave once you’ve taken the appropriate action or evolution.

During an astrological transit, as the planets pull at your body, your energy and/or at your mind, feeling emotional can summon and trigger various feelings to appear and disappear.

Although emotions are subjective, they are nonetheless a precious insight into the inner and outer worlds you live in.

Let Your Emotions Flow

In their highest form, emotions wish to circulate: to come in, to express, and to move on. And at their heart, emotions provide vital information that enables us to integrate inspired action into our own comings and goings.

Becoming fluent in your emotional state will require some practice, but will serve as an invaluable tool to help you create and curate a life that has personal significance.

Understanding What Your Emotions Are Really Telling You

One way to become fluent in emotional-speak is by tapping into the body-mind connection when you’re feeling emotional.

As emotions arise, locate which part of your body is experiencing a heightened sensation.

Bring your awareness to the centre of that sensation, breathing deeply and rhythmically, visualizing and feeling your breath reaching through to the centre of the sensation. 

Notice what mood is presenting itself. Is the mood positive and requesting to be prolonged? Or is it negative and in need of soothing? Ask yourself what is the correct action/evolution.

Maintain rhythmic, deep breaths and awareness of the sensation as you wait to receive an idea on how to proceed. Follow through on your insight and make an informed choice and/or change in your world.

Let your emotions prompt the necessary internal shifts or external adjustments required for your well-being.

About the author

Haji Maa was initiated into a regular practice of meditation, shamanism, art and astrology in early childhood. She is currently a Montreal-based artist, also known as Secondsight, and exists in multiplicity, creating and curating within the fashion and wellness industries as well as the art world. Sun: AQUARIUS Moon: CANCER Ascendant: CAPRICORN

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