Spring Equinox Lights Our Way Through an Epic Paradigm Shift 

It’s finally the first day of spring. No matter what’s happening in the world, we can always count on the Spring Equinox every year to bring us up and out of the depths of winter, and into the renewal of spring. 

At this time of year, we experience a day that is balanced in terms of light and dark, with roughly an equal length of sunlit hours and moonlit ones as well. 

Emotionally, this is a luminous time of coming out of hibernations of all kinds. Winter is a part of the year when we turn inward. The light of day is brief, and nights are often cold and long.

The Earth communicates to us at this time that we must withdraw and focus on cultivating warmth internally, rather than engaging with the world outside.

Springing into a Time of Crisis

This year, the Equinox arrives at a critical moment. Rather than finding ourselves able to re-enter the world around us, we’re facing an international crisis that is keeping most of us indoors, with more questions than answers about important public health matters. 

With this in mind, the Equinox takes on a more complicated meaning. The paradigm shift we’re observing now corresponds with the arrival of the light.

We may not be able to join one another in person right now, but we can interpret the Equinox as a heightening of awareness, and a call to action to protect and care for those who are most vulnerable. 

Fresh Energy to Navigate Difficult Times

The keyword for the Spring Equinox is energized. Usually, when the light returns we are able to feel warm, lively, and like we’re making progress. 

This year, we’re asked to initiate fresh, honest, and deep awareness of our fragile interconnectedness. The Sun brings us light, rationality, and willpower. 

What better moment for the Sun to arrive, to help us energetically navigate a paradigm shift that is collective, as well as deeply personal. 

About the author

Cristina Farella is an author based in Eugene, Oregon. She is the founder of Eighth House Astrology, through which she offers chart consultation as well as writing on art and the occult. Find her online at https://cristinafarella.com. ☉ Virgo ☽ Gemini  ↑ Capricorn

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