How to Cleanse Your Chakras with Crystals
According to ancient Indian philosophy, there are seven energetic points within the body called “chakras.” These seven points correspond to a philosophical model of the universe—a reminder of your innate connection to the cosmos. Chakras carry, transmit, and store energy. While in a balanced chakra system energy flows effortlessly, stressful events in our life can...
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A Guide to Cleansing Your Crystals and Gems
Crystals and gems are a lovely tool to supplement any self-care routine, from meditation to manifestation. And just as you require and deserve tender care and attention, our crystals, too, need to be cared for based on their compositions and unique characteristics. More than just pretty rocks, crystals are special natural materials noted for their...
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Crystals for horoscopes and Zodiac reading, quartz, readings
It happened seemingly overnight: your aunt enthusiastically praised the power of crystal healing, your friends started showing off their meditation stones on social media, and even the ambivalent skeptic in your extended family now has an amethyst caged around their neck. Anticipated or not, crystals have resurged into the mainstream spotlight. The History of Healing...
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Crystal being used for self care
On a spiritual level, people use crystals to clean and balance different types of energies and how they interact with each facet of our lives. They focus on these energy wheels (or chakras in Sanskrit) in our own bodies and use crystals to facilitate awareness and consciousness in areas needing attention. To understand the basics...
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