Feeling emotional
Emotions are a layer of your mind’s space and can become powerful tools for self-inquiry, self-love, and self-development. Your emotions provide real-time data as to your particular point-of-view on any given matter. They bring your awareness to a current issue, and then they leave once you’ve taken the appropriate action or evolution. During an astrological...
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How to Harness Pisces Energy to Channel Your Emotions
Pisces season brings uniquely transitional energy, due to the fact that Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. Endings and beginnings are front and center, and we get the feeling of parting ways with old narratives.  Pisces’s reputation is that of the sensitive empath, due, in part, to the sign’s modern ruler, Neptune, planet...
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Emotional Pisces
As we enter Pisces season — the signifier of the end of winter and also the end of the zodiac — the word to remember is emotion.  This is an emotional time for every sign; it is moving from the cold distance of Aquarius to the warm enlightenment of a good cry.  While those of...
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