Feeling emotional
Emotions are a layer of your mind’s space and can become powerful tools for self-inquiry, self-love, and self-development. Your emotions provide real-time data as to your particular point-of-view on any given matter. They bring your awareness to a current issue, and then they leave once you’ve taken the appropriate action or evolution. During an astrological...
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How to Open up to Empathy
Some days it feels like no one understands how you feel. This can be one of the loneliest feelings — but it isn’t true. Humans are naturally empathetic. Every emotion you’re feeling, even if it’s all part of a complex web of things that are happening in your life that no one else could possibly be...
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How to Practice Lucid Dreaming
With dreamy season in full swing, as well as Mercury Retrograde, these days are brimming with opportunities to find the real world pretty overwhelming.  If you find yourself feeling activated, it’s helpful to remember that we carry so much information within us, in our subconscious, that we can tap into to find answers, inspiration, and...
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