Mercury Retrograde
How to Prepare for Astrological Events that Can Affect your Mood
Our moods can be a lot like the weather: some days will be stormy, while others will be nice and calm. And just like the weather, when it comes to our moods, there are forces outside of our control that influence what kind of day we’re going to have. This is where we can look...
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Plane above the sky flying away from Mercury Retrograde
Now that Mercury has stationed direct and is no longer in retrograde, you may be breathing a sigh of relief. Mercury retrograde brought us three weeks of delays, confusion, miscommunication, reviews, and revisions. During this period, did you reconnect with old friends or lovers; miss a train, bus, or flight; lose something valuable then find...
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Image showing the murkiness of Mercury Retrograde. Survive Mercury Retrograde
Anytime Mercury Retrograde is approaching, you’ll know it with a quick scroll through social media — the memes and panicked posts are everywhere. They urge you to back up your files, avoid signing documents, stay close to home, and to expect miscommunication on all levels. While these warning signs have become common stereotypes every time...
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