Zodiac Guide to Stress Relief: How to Cope When Life Gets Overwhelming

Stress is inevitable, we all know that.

But without regular stress relief, our increasingly stressful lifestyles can lead to harmful consequences for both our mental and physical health.

And long-term stress can be especially damaging, causing a variety of health issues.

So alleviating stress is critical. Of course, everyone deals with stress differently, and every zodiac sign comes with predilections toward specific methods of stress relief.

Do you know the best stress relief methods for your sign?

Here are some suggestions based on your sign that will give you ideas on how best to cope with stress.

Aries — Rest Up

You tend to be action-oriented, attracted to people and situations that allow you to exert your energy and will. However, over time you may realize that always being in “go-mode” can be detrimental to your well-being.

Being action-ready at all times can take a stressful toll, and frankly you deserve better! Escape, retreat, and rest are good ways to help you tend to your stress.

Retreat doesn’t have to mean skipping town to attend a 5-star resort or meditation center. It could be escaping to the woods for a day hike, or checking out a day-spa in your area for a nice long soak.

Rest is an important factor here, too. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep for your nervous system to settle. It’s way more important than you might think!

Taurus — Move and Play

Life is endlessly stressful, especially when you feel like you don’t have your basic survival needs under control. Whether it’s money, housing, or bodily health issues, you hate feeling unsettled.

With Uranus moving through your sign over the next six years, there’s even more of a chance that you feel anxious and untethered.

A great way for you to move stress through your body is physical movement. If that isn’t available to you, competitive games of any sort can be helpful as well, such as an exciting but difficult video game.

Getting your adrenaline pumping allows you to relieve some of the pent up stress in your system, and gives your mind a break from fixating on your problems.

Gemini — Let Your Hands Guide Your Healing

By nature, you tend to accomplish a lot. As an air sign, Geminis are always coming up with new ideas, constantly connecting with people, and learning new things.

Your mental activity is almost always at a high, which can easily lead to overstimulation, fatigue, and overwhelm. When this happens, it’s best to use your favorite body part: your hands!

Gemini rules the hands, and you’ll find you’re very skilled with using them when your energy is directed.

You might try cooking something from scratch or engaging in craftwork such as knitting, weaving, or sculpting.

You could even make a collage from found materials in your home or outside.

Whatever it is, allow yourself to get lost in the process of doing something with your hands to give your mind a break.

Cancer — Write Down Your Feelings

While Cancer is often deemed the most emotional sign, it’s also a cardinal sign, making people born under this sign very action-oriented and busy.

You often have a lot on your plate, as you tend to be the person in the manager position, regardless of your actual title. This applies to both your work and personal life.

All of that stress can take a toll on your sensitive system, so taking time to do something just for you is important.

One of the best ways for you to deal with stress is to take time to write or speak about it. Sometimes the simple act of putting all of your thoughts and feelings onto paper is enough to help settle your nerves.

There’s something about getting it out of your mind and grounding it into the physical world through writing or speech (usually private) that can help contextualize your thoughts and emotions.

Leo — Feed Yourself (and Your Soul)

You tend to be pretty good at concealing your stress and anxiety with your bright, put-together appearance.

While you’re able to channel the light and energy of the Sun through your positivity and optimism, it only works to a point. Stress gets to you just like everyone else, regardless of your ability to hide it from others.

Seeking out comfort and safety will help you deal with that stress. Sometimes that looks like eating delicious comfort foods that help nourish your body and soul — a nice meal at your favorite restaurant or your favorite home-cooked dinner.

Nourishment of any kind is a good bet for you. Cuddling up with someone you love or asking a friend to cook for you would do wonders in helping you feel less stressed.

Virgo — Get Creative

As a sign ruled by busy-bee Mercury, Virgos generally have a lot on their mind at all times.

Not only that, you often find your mind running in circles as you over-analyze almost everything in your life.

You aren’t doing anything wrong, that’s just your nature, however finding ways to calm your mind and soothe your nervous system is important for your health.

One way to go about that is to tap into your creativity and self expression — bake a cake, color, draw, paint, sing, or dance around your home!

Whatever it is, tapping into a raw sense of self-expression will help fill your cup and remind you that you are much more than your overactive mind.

Libra — Clean Up

When you’re stressed out, it’s noticeable to almost everyone around you because you tend to be the person always trying to maintain balance. When that becomes more difficult than usual, your equilibrium can get thrown way off.

There’s no shame in this of course, but as someone who thrives on trying to maintain level footing in life, it can be that much more distressing.

Something that can help take your mind off your stress is cleaning. Clearing out and organizing your workspace, closet, cabinets, etc., will help your mind feel a bit less jumbled.

Beauty and aesthetics are important aspects of life to you, so when the space around you reflects that, you’re able to feel more balanced and settled.

Scorpio — Talk it Out

You tend to hold your emotions and feelings in your body, choosing to swallow them instead of fully expressing yourself in the moment.

When the stress in your life builds up, you may start to feel as though you can’t hold it all in.

A great way for you to release some stress is to have intimate one-on-one conversations with people who are equipped to hold space for you. That could be a therapist, a close friend, or your partner.

The act of being vulnerable with another is deeply healing for you and allows you to release the built-up tension and stress that courses through your body.

Sagittarius — Book Some Alone Time

You often take on more than you can manage. Being Jupiter-ruled makes you naturally optimistic and expansive, however when you become overwhelmed with things to do, stress can take over and leave you feeling a bit paralyzed.

A great way for you to deal with stress is by detaching from the world around you through deep inner exploration.

You actually enjoy your alone time because it gives you the time and space needed to address the darker, more private aspects of your psyche.

When you allow yourself to fully witness your feelings, they have less control over you. Taking time away from everyone and everything around you is necessary for recentering to happen.

Capricorn — Expand Your Mind

Being a boss in your everyday life certainly comes with its challenges. The weight of achievement and success is always on your mind.

While you’re steadily making things happen, it isn’t surprising that stress feels like a natural companion to success.

A great way for you to manage your stress is to lean into your faith and beliefs.

When you’re able to let go of the idea that you have complete control over every aspect of your life, and can hold space for faith in something bigger than you, you can allow some relief into your system.

If you don’t consider yourself spiritual, another way to look at it is expanding your mind. That could mean studying a particular subject, travelling, or just learning about different people and cultures.

The more expansive your mindset, the less you’ll feel trapped in the material world.

Aquarius — Take Action on Your Goals

As someone so attuned to the world around you, you’re constantly sensing the struggles and hardships of the world at large.

In addition to any difficulties you experience in your personal life, you are no stranger to stress.

While you tend to oscillate between optimism and cynicism, it becomes increasingly difficult to be optimistic when the stresses of the world are wearing you down.

One way for you to work through your stress is to stay active and busy working on your long-term goals.

You’re a fixed sign, so you tend to move at a slower pace, but when stressed out it’s important that you’re anything but sedentary. Make a to-do list and work on actionable steps toward achievable goals.

Pisces — Reach Out to Your Friends

You’re very sensitive and easily affected by the emotions of others, whether or not you’re consciously aware of what you’re picking up.

While it’s important for you to have methods of escaping from the world, it’s equally as important that you have a supportive community of people you can turn to in times of need.

A great way for you to cope with stress is to confide in those who can both hold space for you and uplift you.

Forming and maintaining a trusted community of friends is an important part of your stress management, as they will help remind you that you’re loved and supported.

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